Western Mountain Sports wants to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.  We also want to be transparent about how we price our products and the discounts customers receive when ordering from our us. You will find information about our Pricing Structure, Discounts, and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) below.

Pricing Structure

  • Default prices for items are MSRP in most cases. In some cases, however, the default price shown is the base price at Western Mountain Sports
  • Western Mountain Sports Prices follow MAP Pricing and a Product Mark-up formula
  • Many Firearms and other FFL Items receive a roughly 2-8% reduction in cost from MSRP.  An item with an MSRP of $450, for example, may have a sale price of $427.50
  • Most Non-FFL Items receive a roughly 5-8% reduction in cost from MSRP. An item with an MSRP of $204.99, for example, may have a sale price of $194.74
  • Additional discounts may be applied automatically or customers may use coupons to reduce prices further
  • Long Guns and NFA/SOT items have a base shipping cost of $35
  • Handgun shipping is based off USPS Priority Mail rates
  • Shipping on firearms/FFL Items/NFA Items will be combined when possible

Minimum Advertised Price

The firearms market is a very competitive place. In an effort to keep the market fair, some manufacturers have instituted Minimum Advertised Price policies (MAP). 

What does this mean:

These Manufacturers set a price that a retailer cannot sell below. This means that all retailers carrying products from that manufacturer are on a more even playing field. No one retailers should be able to undercut everyone else simply because they are larger, have more inventory, etc. 

Retailers that violate these MAP policies can face consequences from wholesalers or manufacturers. 

Layaway Policy

Western Mountain Sports recognizes that one of the barriers to firearms ownership can be the costs of Firearms and high quality accessories. Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible and help more individuals exercise their 2nd Amendment right. It is with this goal in mind that we are proud to offer Layaway to our customers. Our Layaway Policy is outlined below.

Layaway Terms

General Terms

    • Layaway is available on purchases of $300 or more
    • Layaway can be utilized on a single item or on an entire order (multiple items )
      • An example of this would be placing items for a complete rifle build on layaway
    • Customer is require to contact Sales at 207-518-8040 to place their order and submit payment details
    • non-refundable deposit of at least 25%  of the total cost (including any applicable taxes and fees) is required to reserve orders
    • The remaining balance of the order will be split into 3 reoccurring payments
    • Upon completion of final payment, items will be available for pick-up or shipped to the customer
      • FFL items will be shipped to desired FFL Dealer
      • Transfer Fees charged to customers by their FFL are not covered under Western Mountain Sports Layaway policy
    • Layaway prices are determined by the sale price and/or base price for Western Mountain Sports, not MSRP
    • All standard discounts offered by Western Mountain Sports are applied to layaway orders
      • Just because a customer is paying over time, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same great prices and discounts as everyone else

Payment Schedule

    • Customers will have 90 days ( approx. 3 month) to pay the balance of their order
    • 1 Payment is required every 30 days
      • A customer is require to submit at least 1 payment every month
    •  Online customers must setup Reoccurring Payments (automatic payments)
      •  Additional payment can by made by contacting Sales
      • Any additional payments will result in adjustments to scheduled payments
    • Local Customers may make payments in person without scheduling Reoccurring Payments
      • A local customer is required to submit at least 1 payment ever 30 days

Cancellation of Layaway Orders

    • Customers may cancel their order at any time
    • Payments made beyond the initial 25% deposit will be refunded to the customer
    • Western Mountain Sports may charge a 10% fee on cancelled orders