NFA Items

Western Mountain Sports holds a Type 3 SOT license which allows us to sell NFA items such as Short Barreled Rifles and Suppressors to our customers. 

In order to streamline this process as much as possible and provide customers with high quality products, Western Mountain Sports has teamed up with Silencer Shop.  As part of their Powered by Silencer Shop program, our customers get to leverage the expertise and highly refined procedure(s) Silencer Shop has developed over years of experience selling NFA items. This means that our customers can purchase a Silencer and know that experts are involved in the process from start to finish.

As part of this program there are multiple ways a customer can shop for a Silencer. 

  • First, customers can access our dedicated Silencer Shop page and shop for items directly from Silencer Shop. Western Mountain Sports and Silencer Shop work together to complete your transaction and get you your items. When all of the paperwork is approved and the Tax Stamp issued, your item will be shipped to Western Mountain Sports and we will complete the transfer with you.
  • Secondly, customers can view our inventory and select an item. Western Mountain Sports and Silencer Shop then work together to complete your transaction and get you your item.  If an item is selected from our inventory, it must be picked up at our office or shipped to an FFL with the appropriate SOT. Please see our Shipping policy for more details.

Silencer Shop uses their years of experience and refined process to make buying a silencer as painless as possible

For more information on the process of buying a Silencer

Please note that all Silencer purchases require completion/submission of the ATF Form 4 and payment of a $200 Tax Stamp.

A customer cannot take possession of any Silencer or other NFA item prior to this process being completed