Inventory Updates

The firearms market continues to face challenges with production and availability of products. Western Mountain Sports continues to update its inventory on a weekly basis to reflect the acquisition of new products and brands and the restocking popular products. As products are purchased from our shop, website, and GunBroker listings they are removed from our inventory to ensure accuracy and that we are properly representing what we have available to our customers.

In-stock Items

Western Mountain Sports displays items that are both physically at our shop or available from one of our distributors. We make every effort to only display items that we have on hand and clearly label items that are not. We utilize a blue ” Available on Backorder” tag to show customers items that we do not have in stock, but can order from a distributor. Western Mountain Sports will never display an item as “In Stock” when it is not physically in our possession or on the delivery truck. 

Available on Backorder

Items that are listed as “Available on Backorder” are not physically present in our store. These items are available from at least one of our Distributors and can be ordered upon request or purchase from our website. Due to changing conditions in the industry, items that are ordered on backorder may be delayed. Western Mountain Sports will make every effort to acquire any items purchased on back order in a timely manner and will utilize our entire network of distributors to acquire these items.  There is no extra cost to order items that are “Available on Backorder” .

Out of Stock

Out of stock items are not available at Western Mountain Sports and are unavailable from any of our distributors. These items are unavailable for order because there is no timeframe on their availability.