Firearms Transfer Policy

General:  The $15 dollar Transfer Fee applies to transfers that Western Mountain Sports has agreed to accept for a customer and includes a total number of firearms that the ATF Form 4473 provides for.  Currently, this form accommodates for up to 3 (three) firearms. This offer is valid on transfer that contain up to 3 (three) long guns, 1 (one) handgun, or a combination thereof.  Any transfer where the total number of firearms exceeds these conditions may be subject to an additional fee and restrictions.  Additionally, any firearm(s) that are transferred to Western Mountain Sports without prior agreement are subject to an additional fee.

All transfers will be conducted in accordance to State and Federal Laws. Should this mean that an individual must complete the Background Check process over multiple days, not additional fees will be charged.  

Handguns:  Sales of multiple handguns within a 5 day period are required to be reported to the the ATF, therefore it is the Policy of Western Mountain Sports that no customer shall be transferred more than 1 (one) handgun in a period of 5 business days.  Any order that includes multiple handguns will be completed following this policy, all additional transfers required in order to complete the customers transaction will incur a fee of $2. 

Transfer without Agreement:  In the event that firearms are transferred to Western Mountain Sports, without prior agreement, there shall be an additional fee of $5 to $10 per firearm — depending on the firearm transferred.

We Reserve the Right:  Western Mountain Sports reserves the right to refuse any transfer of firearms at our sole discretion.

Transfer of NFA Items

General:  Western Mountain Sports will facilitate the transfer NFA items not purchased through our store or affiliation with Silencer Shop. For each item being transferred, there will be a $25 processing fee and a $15 transfer fee.  This helps to cover the cost of our processing of Form 4’s and incorporates out standard transfer fee. 

Items received for NFA transfer will be entered into our inventory and then digitally assigned to the customer. A customer must do the following in order to successfully complete the Form 4 process:

  1. Create a Silencer Shop account (this must occur before any items can be assigned to the customer)
  2. Create an eForms account (utilizing the same email and information as their Silencer Shop account)
  3. Upload a photo to their Silencer Shop account (that meets requirements)
  4. Visit a Silencer Shop kiosk in the region to have fingerprints digitally scanned and added to their Silencer Shop account.

Note: There may be additional fees for the use of a Silencer Shop kiosk and customers are responsible for paying a $200 Tax on each NFA item to be transferred.  Additionally, customers understand that transfer of NFA items have a longer time table than those of Non-NFA items. The times can be anywhere from a few days to a year or more. 

A customer may not take possession of any NFA items until Form 4’s have been approved and they have received the relevant Tax Stamps. Items will remain in the secure possession of Western Mountain Sports during that time. 

We Reserve the Right: To charge an additionally fee of up to $20 per NFA item should the following occur:

  • Customer is denied during the Form 4 process
  • Customer changes their mind about completing the Form 4 process
  • Repeated attempts are made to complete Form 4 with customer and customer does not participate and/or reschedules
  • Completion of Form 4 process occurs outside of normal business hours (for NFA purposes, “normal” business hours are from 4:00PM to 8:00PM Monday – Saturday)
  •  If NFA items arrive without notification from the customer
  • If additional fees are incurred by Western Mountain Sports during the Form 4 process

Transfers Between Private Parties (Private Sales and/or Charity Events)

General:  Western Mountain Sports will facilitate the transfer of firearms between private parties upon request. Please Note: The state of Maine does not require background checks on sales and transfer of firearms between two private parties (the citizens initiative known as Question 3 that would have enacted this was defeated in 2016 by the voters of Maine and has not been revisited since)

Our Firearms Transfer Policy (see above) applies to transfer between private individuals. The initial transfer fee, however, will be dropped to $10 dollars.

All transfers will be conducted in accordance to State and Federal Laws. Should this mean that an individual must complete the Background Check process over multiple days, not additional fees will be charged.  

Charity Events or Transfers on the behalf of an Organization:  Western Mountain Sports will come to an agreement with any organization or charity event organizers to facilitate the transfer of a firearm(s). Agreements may include:

  • Guidance on how to present said firearm(s) for sale/raffle/give-away/etc.
  • Waiver of transfer fees for charity events
  • Sunday business hours to complete said transfer

All Transfer between Private Parties are Subject to our Transfer by Private Parties Policy